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Good-bye Gabby Girl

It’s been a rough week here at the Fraudulent Farmstead. We said good-bye to our sweet Gabby on Monday. It’s amazing how dog can leave such a hole in your life. It’s far too quiet, even when two of the cats start chasing each other around. Although frankly, even the cats seem kind of subdued.

Our Gabs.

She was smart, and stubborn, and she had her humans well-trained. She was Ginny’s best friend, protector, and precocious kid all in one, and she was happy to boss me around too if she could get away with it.

Up to the end, she still loved to go for walks, even when we had to loop a blanket around her hind end to help her along. She outwitted any number of “smart toys” that were supposed to keep her occupied for hours. Ginny bought her an everlasting treat ball, but it took Ginny longer to get the treat into the ball than it did for Gabby to get it out.

Gabby loved people, although she wasn’t crazy about other dogs. She actually liked our cats Ace and Fiona, even when they walked under her face and dragged their tails along her chin. Miss Kitty, on the other hand–Gabby felt it was her mission in life to keep Miss Kitty from infringing on her own begging territory. She had no patience for Miss Kitty’s oozing up to her humans and asking for food.

Gabby was happiest when the center of attention, either from her mom or from any random people who dropped by the house. She had a huge personality and the soul of an entertainer. We miss her dreadfully.

We love you, Gabs.

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