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Social Networking, or, Where’s a 12-year-old when you need him?

I’m attempting to link up The Fraudulent Farmgirl blog with the Fraudulent Farmgirl profile on Facebook, which now has a link in my Fraudulent Farmgirl e-mail signature.

I think I’m getting a headache.

I had to do code, people! I looked up how to make a Facebook badge on the interwebs, and I followed the instructions exactly, but I still had to go into code and figure out what to delete and close all the stinking open brackets. I hate those brackets.

For the love of apples and corn, I’m a gardener, not a programmer. I haven’t programmed anything since that Basic class in 7th grade where I used slashes and brackets to make a picture of a sailboat.

Anyway, here’s hoping I’m all synched up. Fingers crossed!

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All Hail the Return of the Mac

The iMac has returned from the shop with a brand-spanking-new hard drive and 50 GB of memory. I am so happy to have it home. And thanks to some advice from my pal Zach Roesing, I was able to buy the hard drvie online at for a reasonable $55 bucks. I did have to take it to a pro to have the drive put in; the iMac G5 version I have is not at all a user friendly when it comes to cracking it open and digging around inside. Still, the Help My Mac people did a great and very reasonably priced job, so the whole thing came in at under $200–less than the arm and leg I thought it might cost.

And I once again have access to my photo and design software, as well as easier access to mail. Oh my beloved iMac, I'm so glad you're back!

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