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Hope Springs Eternal, or Plant Ordering Season

I’ve just placed my order for more fruit plants. Of the five Heritage raspberries I planted two years ago, only three surived. I’ve ordered three more, in the hopes that they will fill in the holes. But the raspberries are confined to about a 1.5′ strip between a concrete barrier and a brick path (best place for them, I think), so I’ll probably have to keep an eye on that spot to avoid overcrowding.

Oh strawberries, how I missed you last year.

I’d love to believe that strawberries come back year after year, but they actually decline after the third year or so–and that’s assuming they don’t get knocked off by a killer heatwave like mine did two years ago. Last year I replaced some of my Honeoye June-beares with Tristar everbearers, so I hope to get at least some strawberries this year. But to have enough berries for jam, I need June-bearers too. So I ordered 25 more Honeoye.

I’ve had strawberries in the tree lawn, but I think I’m going to start rotating them into the vegetable garden as a semi-permanent bed. So this year I’ll plant the new berries in one slice of my round front-yard potager and leave them there for a couple of years. Then I’ll take some of their runners to start another slice of the bed. If I stay on track, I should avoid another berry-free summer like last one.

And then there are the blueberries. I moved my last, pathetic blueberry to the raised beds in the back garden last year and added a Northland. I’m still mucking around with the soil pH back there, but I figure I at least have a fighting chance in the raised beds. So, with a gardener’s usual foolhardy optimism, I ordered a Northcountry blueberry to add to my blueberry dreams. I’ll let you know.

I have to start avoiding the discount racks at the bookstore.

I bought a bunch of seeds too, which should be delivered soon. I’m not really a fan of broccoli and the like, so most of my spring veggies are direct sown in the garden. I will start my tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants inside, though.

In other news, I’m spending part of the morning weeding my garden library. Granted, I use these books a lot, but they’re starting to reproduce when my back is turned and colonize free spots on the office floor. So its off to Half-Price books for at least some of them.



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