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Big happenings at the Fraudulent Farmstead

Ginny, Gabby, and Ace are all moved in. Gin's still getting the basement studio arranged to her liking. Gabby is a little creakier than when she last lived here, but she's still getting up and down the stairs no problem. Ace thinks he's gone to cat heaven–windows! With ledges and seats in front of them! Birds and squirrels to watch! And–what's this?–wet cat food? Good lord, it's like kitty paradise.

Except for Kitty, who treats Ace much as a cranky seventy-year-old lady would treat that doofy thirteen-year-old kid who keeps cutting across the lawn. Or in Kitty's case, trying to lounge on her bed. 
The bathroom walls are up, and the first two coast of drywall mud are on. The shower's installed and the electrical roughed in. I'm hoping to get some paint on the walls next weekend, then focus on installing the flooring so Mike can do the sink and toilet. Then Ginny will have a fully functional bath of her own. In the meantime, we're tracking a lot of drywall dust around, but otherwise the mess has stayed pretty confined.
Thanks to the run of unseasonably gorgeous weather, I got quite a bit of spring cleanup done the last few days:
Pruned the lavender.
Pruned the roses.
Cut back the Annabelle hydrangea, caryopeteris, and butterfly bush.
Limbed up the maple tree in the parking strip so people can walk under it without clocking themselves. 
Turned the Biostack composter, uncovering a live, small, grey mouse in the process.
Took an  old can of spray paint and marked out the new front yard potager beds and planting locations for apple and cherry trees.
Started yet another new garden journal with the hope that I'll actually keep up with this one.
Saw my first crocus today! None here at the Fraudulent Farmstead yet, but my neighbor's rock wall was sporting a cluster of bright yellow ones. We do have lots of daffodil and tulip foliage, though, so I'm hoping for blooms soon, even though the temps are supposed to drop again this week.
We always celebrate Gabby's birthday on the Ides of March, but Dan's traveling next week. So we moved it up a week, invited my parents and their friends Roy and Sherri, and combined Gab's b-day with chicken coop brainstorming. With Dan and Roy on the case, this will probably be a seriously engineered structure, and will likely cost more than I want it to (I want it to cost $50, so I KNOW it will cost more than I want it to). I have taken to haunting freecycle and craigslist in hope of scoring some free materials to recycle for the chicken palace.
AND I start with Spotts tomorrow, and this is dress rehearsal week at Civic for West SIde Story. So probably I'll collapse into a heap by Friday. Stay tuned! 

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Adventures in Remodeling

As we speak, three very nice men are heaving crap around in my basement, updating the bathroom down there. After my initial estimates came back at about three times what I had intended to spend, I downgraded my wishlist. I’m keeping the same footprint and not moving the drains, which means that the bathroom will continue to be miniscule.

On the upside:

–I found a great handyman (Mike) who can complete the job without my having to sell a kidney to afford it.
–I have pulled out two layers of soggy, moldy vinyl flooring, so it smells better.
–I have pulled down cardboard-thin paper walls and composite board studs that were attached to the concrete wall, both of which we also holding moisture. Removing them also helped the smell.
–Mike is replacing any rotting or moldy studs.
–The new shower is mold free and will have actual water shut-off valves (two niceties the old shower did not have).
–Upon further inspection, Mike discovered that the homeowner from hell who installed this bath the first time did it by cutting through a return air duct, which he did not reroute or replace. This explains why the office is always so cold. So an HVAC guy is down there right now, figuring out a way to fix this inexplicable remodeling decision.
–The HVAC guy also informed me that the booming noise I hear every time the furnace fan cuts out is called “oil canning,” and is the result of the metal ductwork popping in and out based on air flow. He’s going to fix it by reinforcing it with a bar across the duct.
–We will be installing a panel door and replacing the vanity with a pedestal sink (both of which I’ve already purchased), so even though the bath is still going to be small, at least it will be easier to maneuver in.
–Today’s goals are to fix the HVAC, pull up styrofoam basement insulation on the exterior wall (which Mike had to go to three different Lowes stores to find), replace some studs, install the pocket door, and install the shower. Mike will then call the drywall guys. Once the drywall guys are done, I’ll paint and install floor tile (tune in for future hilarity, as this will be my first tiling experiment). Then Mike will come back and install the sink and toilet. He’ll also finish up electrical and install a wall cabinet and medicine cabinet.
Ginny moves in on Saturday, so obviously the bathroom won’t be ready. I’m hoping to have it all done within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for further adventures!

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Decorating Delirium

I can tell it’s winter. Well, of course, just stepping outside would confirm that, but I mean I can tell it’s winter based on my mood. I’m veering between a desire to crawl into bed and not emerge until April and a need to clean out every closet in the house and repaint half the rooms.

Yep, must be winter.
In an update to the curtain catastrophe, I am happy to report I was able to find just enough of the curtain material at the other Joann’s store to finish the second curtain. Too bad I didn’t find it before I bought enough of a completely different fabric to make another set of curtains, but you can’t have everything.
I last painted my bedroom about eight years ago. It’s a wonderful purple-blue color, and I’ve been very happy with it. But now you can see where pictures have hung (side note–why should there be dark rings around the pictures if I don’t smoke and I’ve cleaned the walls? Anyone?) and more than a few random nails. I think it’s time to repaint.
This time, I’m leaning toward one of my favorite blue-green colors. (Blue-green is my signature color. I haven’t decided on a good name. Teal? Sea glass? Bermuda blue?). The recently finished curtains would look great with it, and so would the blue bedspread. I’ll need to make a new duvet cover; white this time, I think, which would at least simplify fabric choice, since I could use sheets. I’d probably want to make lightweight white curtains for summer, too. The color would be much lighter than what I have now and lighter than the Tiffany box blue that’s in the office (which is likely to be next on my decorating hit list).
By the way, the first estimate came in for redoing the basement bathroom. It’s about five times what I had initially planned to spend. Note to self–see if bank will increase limit on home equity line. Still, it absolutely has to be done. Gin is moving in this spring, and no way am I inflicting the current bath on her. Plus one of the contractors who came out pointed to a clump of wires and said, “See that? That’s both dangerous and illegal.” Let’s hear it for the handyman from hell and the do-it-yourself projects I’m still unravelling nine years after moving in.
Updates as they occur!

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