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No-Drama Llama

Today is my birthday, and I bought myself a present. I bought a llama.

Good news, though. I won’t have to worry about avoiding the spit.

Nope, this llama is for Heifer International. They do great work around the world lifting people out of poverty with education and gifts of livestock and plants. You can imagine how that warms my gardening heart.

I bought a llama share, since a full llama was a bit above my budget. I’m not sure what part I got, but since it’s going to someone else, I don’t suppose it matters. I mean, it’s not like someone will get just the ears and maybe the right front leg; the recipient gets a whole llama.

Anyway, you can donate a flock of chickens, or a goat, or a water buffalo (and how’s that for dinner table conversation, “Yep, bought a water buffalo today.”) You can buy shares of animals or big packages to give. And you can purchase in someone else’s honor, too. So if you’re trying to figure out what to give Great Aunt Margaret, might I suggest a camel?

Heifer International. Check it out.


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