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Up to my knees in compost (not a metaphor)

I spent the morning with Terry and Amy from Spotts Lawn and Garden and fellow volunteer Jenny spreading compost on a small garden here in Irvington. The Shelly Shane Memorial Garden is a pocket garden located next to our wonderful local restaurant The Legend. It's in front of the equally wonderful Shops at Snips, home to Edibles Natural Food Market. I love my neighborhood.

Anyway, we spent the morning spreading ten yards of compost around the plantings established last year. Spotts Lawn and Garden is a small organic gardening outfit located here in Irvington. Amy, Jenny, and I were in the same Master Gardening class, so it was lovely to catch up with them. We spent several hours spreading compost, comparing favorite plants, and discussing the state of gardening in general. The time I spent goes toward my Master Gardener certification, AND they fed me lunch at Jockamo Pizza, where I introduced Amy to the joys of Jockamo's cracktastic Parmesan dip. Free food, civic engagement, and an entire morning in the dirt. It was fabulous.
Equally fabulous was the Japanese hoe Terry loaned me. I've heard of Japanese triangle weeders, but this was the first time I've used one. I will be ordering mine immediately. Super sharp, with a slightly offset triangle-shaped blade, it whacks through weeds like you wouldn't believe. With one of these to take up shallow-rooted weeds and my incredible hori-hori knife (courtesy of the BF) for the deep-rooted ones, weeds everywhere will tremble at my approach. That's right, you little opportunists–your days are numbered! 

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