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Stopping SOPA: The Fraudulent Farmgirl on Strike

You may know that the internet is going on strike on January 18. Some of the biggest sites in the world are shutting down for the day to protest internet censorship. The Stop Online Piracy Act gives corporations the power to shut down web sites that contain content they claim is theirs. It’s the same technology that allows Iran and China to block web sites.

Think that sucks? So do I. If I were more blog-savvy, I’d be able to make my blog redirect to the SOPA Strike website. But since I’m a gardener, not a programmer, I’ll put the link here for you to check out.


A free internet is crucial to innovation and democracy. Don’t let corporations and the government take it away from us.

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Checking back in…

One of the issues with being a working garden designer is that the peak gardening season is, well, peak gardening season. That’s when I should have tons to blog about, but it’s also when I’m too freaking tired to sit in front of the computer.

So let’s take it as a given that summer updates are not nearly as frequent as they should be, and I hope you’ll forgive my lack of check-ins.

However, if you’d like a taste of the blogging I have been doing, you can check out the blog I write for Spotts Garden Service. That one gets updated on a weekly basis, so you can get your fix of Fraudulent Farmgirl writing even when the FF seems MIA.

So check it out here. And check in here at Fraudulent Farmgirl, where there should be interesting new posts soon. Really, I mean it.

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