Garden for Victory! or, Some Really Cool Art

I’ve always loved the imagery of World War II, so I was thrilled to see these very cool posters from Victory Garden of Tomorrow. These are fabulous!

I was thumbing through the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living, the one with the gorgeous vegetables on the cover. I read Martha for inspiration, which I then filter through my reality screen to arrive at something the average human without minions can accomplish. This process is made more painless by the fact that my mom gives me her copies as soon as she reads them, so I don’t have to shell out for imagination fodder.

Anyway, the editors showcased some of the designs by Joe Wirtheim. He and his tiny design studio have created a series of art that invokes the best of WWII-era propaganda while pushing the latest in the modern homefront–great gardens in great cities.

I uploaded a couple of my favorites, but these are all fabulous. Go to the website to see the full series, then head over to etsy to buy them for your kitchen or potting shed.

Congrats on a super idea, Victory Garden of Tomorrow! The Fraudulent Farmgirl salutes you!

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3 thoughts on “Garden for Victory! or, Some Really Cool Art

  1. Guy Vollmar

    i always have a thing for farm chickens…i assume keeping a few ones is forbidden in the city of Indpls…Is it true? i have a small backyard..right in Lockerbie Squarea Area..i always grow tomato plants and few others every summer.. Farming is in my blood.

    • Fraudulent Farmgirl

      Hi Guy! No, keeping chickens in Indy is legal! We do have a noise ordinance, though, so I’d recommend either not keeping a rooster or confining him at night.

      There’s lots of great chicken info available at, most of it having to do with keeping small flocks, including in the city. Thanks for commenting!

  2. The Indiana State Archives has some great WWII Victory Garden Posters! You should stop by to check them out. Tell them I sent you!

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