Snow Day, or, The Iceman Cometh

If you’ve turned on the television in the last week, you may have heard about the ice storm currently making its way across the Midwest. We’ve had wave one here overnight, and we’re supposed to get even more ice this afternoon. Imagine my joy.

But Ginny and I have already chipped the path free and defrosted the cars once today, so we’re in pretty good shape. Our neighbor kindly salted the walk last night, so the chipping was easier than it might have been. I’ve put tarps over the cars to make the defrost procedure easier next time. Of course, they’re paint tarps complete with the ghosts of about sixteen paint jobs on them, so the cars look like they’ve been tagged by either hippies or Jackson Pollock, but you can’t have everything.

Even with Ice Apocalypse 2011 bearing down on us, there’s still something kind of cool about a snow day. Gin’s home from work, the roads are nasty, and there’s a certain cozy feeling from hanging out at home. I’ve put a pot of potato soup in the Crock Pot (you garnish it with pesto, which sounds pretty awesome) and bread is rising on the counter as we speak.

By the way, if you haven’t checked out Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, I highly recommend it. I’m a bread junkie, and this recipe lets you mix up dough and keep it in the fridge. You don’t even have to knead it! Just whack off a hunk when you’re ready to bake it, let it rise a bit, and put it in the oven. The flavor and texture are excellent.

Gin’s trying the gluten-free life, so I also checked out Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day, and the basic gluten-free recipe is good. It’s not quite as simple as the dump-and-stir technique of the original, but the flavor’s tasty and you can’t beat the convenience.

Nasty weather also makes me happy to have indoor projects. I’m reknitting a hat I made for a friend, this time in a size that will not slide down her head far enough to cover her eyes like that kid in Fat Albert.

I’m also making myself a summer dress. I carefully washed the fabric and lining fabric, pressed all of it, cut out and pressed the pattern, and assembled all my tools. At which time Fiona informed me that she needed a napping spot more than I needed a new dress.

Rotten cat.

The dress is currently hanging on Agnes, my dressmaker dummy, awaiting some alterations to the waist and the installation of the zipper. Well, maybe not alterations. Tailors and seamstresses do alterations, which involve tape measures and careful pinning and basting and whatnot. I do wild-ass guesses applied to fabric and hope that the end result will be wearable. I’ll let you know.

Stay warm!

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