Sharing skills. We should do that.

As part of the Spirit and Place Festival here in Indy in November,  I'm presenting with the Irvington SkillShare Feastival on November 7, 2010. This year's Spirit and Place theme is "Food for Thought," so a bunch of us are getting together to talk about how to produce food at home, bring it to the kitchen, share it, and enjoy it. We'll have people talking about everything from composting and beermaking to chickens and coldframes. It will be awesome.

I'm presenting on Edible Landscaping, which is integrating food plants into your ornamental landscape, in case you don't happen to be the kind of person who rips out the front yard to plant tomatoes and fruit trees. (I, of course, am that kind of person, but I love the idea of edible landscaping too). As you know, producing food at home is one of my passions. My problem seems to be getting it out of the garden and onto my plate in a timely fashion. I'm looking forward seeing other people's presentations and garnering some advice. 
Food is intimately tied to who we are emotionally. While I strive to shop local, eat at home, and grow what I can,  my relationship to food is something I struggle with. I love the idea of sharing food, of bread fresh from the oven, and of tomatoes ripe from the vine. I adore the idea (and taste) of eggs fresh from my chickens. But I still struggle with getting food on the table in order to nurture myself–to make nurturing myself a priority. And I still drink too much soda and eat too much crap, even though I know it's bad for me and bad for the environment. My relationship with food is a work-in-progress, but having honest conversations about food, where it comes from, what it means, and how it affects us is a good step toward learning to nurture ourselves and our world.

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2 thoughts on “Sharing skills. We should do that.

  1. We really need to find a bunch of land and set up a compound. Because I do great with the cooking – not so much with growing food or even remembering to make it to the farmer's market on Saturday. You and Chris could provide the food and I could cook for everyone. Regarding soda – in Germany a very popular drink is Apfelschorle, which is just sparkling water mixed with apple juice. I have started making it at home and using other juices – it's really refreshing, not too sweet. (It's basically like Izzie soda if you've ever had that.) Not as convenient as just opening a can of soda, but much better for you. You should try it!

  2. A compound would be phenomenal. And think happy the kids would be to always have playmates and other grownups around! I'll give the soda thing a try–may be it will remind me of our Clearly Canadian days in school!

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