Is Mercury in Retrograde?

I don't know much about astrology, but something must be going on. In the last week or so, my beloved Mac has died, the garage door opener has started acting possessed, the lock on the front door is jammed beyond my ability to fix it, and I've developed poison ivy. There are days when the universe is just telling you to go back to bed.

The computer dying is the worst, really. I love my Mac G5. I love Macs in general; they were originally created for non-techincal (me), design-oriented (also me) people who want a computer that the average 7-year-old and a golden retriever can run. And of course I kept meaning to back up files, but I didn't. Fortunately, I had saved copies of my gardening seminars to the work laptop, so I don't have to recreate those.

But I had Quicken for the Mac, and let me tell you, going back to a manual check register is weird. Also my handwriting continues to deteriorate (and it was the only suject I ever got a "C" in, so it's not like it was that great to begin with), so I have to make an extra effort to keep it neat. When I was in school, I got in the habit of putting cross bars on my z's and 7's (like those wacky Europeans) so I could tell them apart from my 2's, so at least that cuts down on expensive banking mistakes.

Fortunately my fab sister allowed me to move her computer into the project room so we can both use it. I'm amazed by how dependent I have become on computers. They're my go-to when I need a fact, or need a phone number, or want to find out what my bank account balance is.

The really odd thing is, I'm pretty low-tech. I'm not a Luddite, but I don't text, my cell phone is just a phone (it doesn't send pictures), and I freaking hate messing with upgrades and e-mail servers and whatnot, which is why I loved the Mac in the first place. Sigh. I really, really hope it's fixable, for some sum totalling less than an arm, leg, and kidney.

As for the poisong ivy, it's an occupational hazard. I was frankly amazed I hadn't gotten it yet this year, and I only had small patches last year. But I was pulling ivy in a client's garden yesterday, and I guess I didn't swab down fast enough afterward (there's only about a 10-minute window before the oil bonds to the skin, leading to blisters within 24 hours). I woke up scratching this morning, so it's an antihistimine and a shot of calamine lotion before bed.

Someone wake me up when the planets realign. 

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