You know that scene in A Christmas Story when Ralphie steps on his glasses and whispers "Oh, no."? That was me today. I was getting out of the tub, and CRACK–right down the nosepiece. I loved those glasses. Oh well. I have two pair, and I've had those particular frames for about 8 years, so it's not the end of the world. But yeah, I felt exactly like Ralphie.

Also, have you noticed that A Christmas Story has quote appropriate for every occasion? Try it. Someone pissing you off? "Sons of bitches–Bumpuses!" Concerned that your purchase might not be of high enough quality? "No, that's them balsams." Smack your hand with a hammer? "Fuuuuudgge." We get a lot of mileage out of A Christmas Story at Spotts Lawn & Garden.

Thanks to our early, warm, wet spring, the strawberries are in a bit early. CAS and Calvin came over today to help pick. We did the same thing last weekend, and there are no signs we're going to run out any time soon. At left, today's harvest. Some went home with CAS and CAlvin, and Gin and I had some for dinner. There's still a huge bowl in the fridge.
Depending on how many we have next weekend, CAS and I will make our first foray into jam-making. Don't worry, I have a fire extinguisher.
Calvin is a surprisingly helpful farmhand. For a three-year-old, he's got focus. Today we loaded some salvaged wood (you'll remember that I scavenged wood for the chicken coop that did not meet Mr. Dan and Mr. Roy's standards, so it's been in the garage for a year) from the garage into CAS's car. She and Calvin can make their own growing beds, and I can stop tripping over the *&%*#-ing wood every time I go out to feed the chickens. Calvin also fed chickens and collected eggs today, as well as harvesting strawberries. And we pulled some radishes.

Last week, we collected eggs and strawberries, and he helped me clean out the chicken run. Yes, I am not above exploiting a child's curiosity to move chicken poop. He had his own toy shove and a small rake I gave him. We loaded all the old bedding into a wheelbarrow, dumped it next to the compost heap, and spread new bedding. Other than his deep-seated desire to get close to the chickens, which none of the ladies will even consider, he was great help. I figure by the time he's five and the apple trees are bearing, he'll be the best unpaid labor around.  
At left, Calvin takes a break after the strawberry harvest. That's crushed strawberry in his eyebrow, not blood. And I'm fairly certain that shirt will never be the same again.
I got the vegetables in today too, including two cherry tomatoes, three regular tomatoes (two from Amy F and one from CitEScapes), and a We-Be-Little pumpkin I'm going to grow up the light post. I put in two bell peppers, edamame, bush beans, patty pan squash, and a second sowing of carrots. I also planted dill and nasturtiums under the fruit trees to keep weeds down and lure beneficial insects. 
I was sick for half of last week, and the garden was looking like a weed farm. I felt very virtuous getting the weeds out and the veggies in.

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2 thoughts on “Strawberries

  1. Need any more free farm labor this weekend? I'm sure the girls would love to pay a visit to the chickens…

  2. We always need farm labor! Bring them over any time.

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