Bringing in the May

Warm weather and a ton of rain have made this the weirdest spring I can remember. Everything's blooming about 3 to 4 weeks ahead of schedule. The daffodils, hyacinth, and tulips all came up at the same time; and the crabapples, lilacs, and dogwoods have been blooming their fool heads off. Everyone else has just been enjoying the bounty of spring, but it makes me uneasy.

I set my internal clock by the rhythms of the garden. I know that weather is never the same year to year, that our warming trend continues, and that the crocus, for example, won't bloom at exactly the same time each winter. Fine, ok, that's why I keep a garden journal. But usually I can at least count on the daffodils making an appearance, then the tulips. Peonies are usually a mid-to-late May flower for me, and they're ready to pop. I've seen iris open already. I had to cut back some salvia–a month early–to be sure it wouldn't bloom too early.
Part of being a gardener is getting a sense of nature's timeline. And this year, nature has chosen to throw the timeline more or less out the window. It's going to be an interesting summer. 
With all that, staying on top of weeds has been a challenge. I am thinning out the ninebark border in back, chopping down weeds in the front vegetable garden with my trusty hoe, and generally trying to stay one step ahead of the full-scale dandelion assault on the beds. I'll be doing some plant swapping with friends soon; I shall acquire some creeping Jenny for the ninebark bed and thin out the geraniums and Anabelle hydrangea in the process. 
In other news, I'm going to start doing gardening workshops at CitEScapes on Meridian Street. I did one a couple of weeks ago on Small Space Design and had a great crowd. Coming soon: Tomatoes 101. Updates as they occur. 
Happy May, and keep an eye on the weather!

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