Winter Retrospective (or, The To-Do List, Done)

Last week was my first back with the Spotts crew. We've had unseasonably gorgeous wether, except for one day that it rained steadily while Amy and I were trying to move eight yards of mulch, which was less than fun. 

Spring's definitely close; my crocus are blooming in the front garden and the daffodils and tulip foliage are up. But since my winter break is officially over, I'm totaling up the projects I completed. Go me!

Finished projects:
Cleaned out and organized the furnace room, tool closet, and laundry rooms in the basement.
Cleaned out and organized the kitchen cabinets and the pantry. 
Cleaned out and organized all the closets, plus painted and hung peg board in the project room closet.
Cleaned out the potting station in the kitchen.
Painted the entryway and hall and finished painting the living room.
Installed new doors in the laundry and furnace rooms.
Painted the bathroom window and trim.
Painted the kitchen.
Painted the kitchen cabinets. 
Replaced the kitchen backsplash.
Projects currently in progress:
Replacing sink, faucet, and disposal in kitchen (awaiting delivery of new sink).
Replacing kitchen floor (floor still hasn't been delivered, dammit).
Painting kitchen baseboards.
Projects I didn't get done, but for which there's still hope:
Fixing the electricity in the garage.
Installing a threshold in Ginny's bath (I have the threshold, I just have to actually put it in).
Making windowseat cushion for dining room (but I have the necessary supplies).
Replacing knobs on lingerie chest (it's hard to find 2.5" handles).
Making the rainbarrel I've been meaning to get to for two years.
Building a coldframe.
Repairing my garden bench.
I can't wait until my kitchen is once again functional. But aside from finishing the kitchen, most of my energy and free time will now turn to:
1. the burlesque show on March 27. I still have to perfect my routines and do the program.
2. garden stuff, including redoing the rose border and getting the kitchen garden under control.
3. plus, of course, making a living.
Here's to spring!

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3 thoughts on “Winter Retrospective (or, The To-Do List, Done)

  1. After reading that post, I need a nap. Well done!

  2. Thank you! Of course, I always need a nap.

  3. it was a good winter for me :)Cheers,Potenta

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