Backsplash, baby!

The backsplash saga continues.

As you know, Mr. Dan helped me install cement board as the backer for the tile. First, though, we put in insulation. The house has no insulation in its walls, and the builders cleverly stuffed the gap around the window with newspaper. In 1938. 
So we bought some rolls of insulation and shoved those into the gap between the wall and cabinet, using the very sophisticated tool of a piece of scrap board. We also sprayed foam insulation into the window gap, then covered the whole thing with furring strips. But not until after Mr. Dan installed new, deeper electrical boxes and rewired the outlets.
Best. Dad. Ever.
Mr. Roy came over to help with the last day of cement board installation. That was totally cool, because he and Mr. Dan could talk measurements and swear together, and I just had to stick my head in periodically and make sure they didn't need any drinks. Thanks Mr. Roy! 
Also, Mr. Roy was jealous of my new Dremel Multi Max tool. Given that the man owns the equivalent of the Sears hardware department, inspiring that envy is not easy. If he doesn't have one by now, it's only a matter of time.
So once the cement board was up, I tested out a few patterns, finally deciding on subway tiles with a decorative 1/2" tile to break up the pattern. 
Yesterday, I was finally ready to tile. I had all my supplies, I rented the tile saw, I put on my Carhart overalls with authentic grout stains. I was good to go.

The tile saw broke.
By which I mean after a few cuts, the on/off switch stopped working, and the circuit reset button did not do its failsafe job, so the only way to turn off the blade was to UNPLUG THE SAW. I had to return it to the shop and get a new one. Except that the tile saw sits in a pan of water, which keeps the blade wet. And the plug for that pan of water is attached to the saw, so when I lifted the saw out of the pan, the plug came with it, dumping approximately three gallons of water on the floor.
I was not amused. 
So I cleaned that up, exchanged the saw, came home, saw that the dog had gotten into the recyclables, counted to ten, picked up the gnawed cat food tins and plastic peanut butter jars, set up saw v2.0, and finally got back to tiling. 
The good news is I finally completed tiling the backsplash. It needs to cure for 24 hours, so today I'll touch up the cabinet paint. Tomorrow I'll grout the backsplash, then I should be ready to install the floor. I hope.
Good lord, I can't wait to go back to work.

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