Adventures in Home Ownership

An update to the big list of not-so-much-fun-but-still-has-to-be-done:

Mr. Dan returned and installed the second basement door, as well as doorknobs on both basement doors. Yay! I need to put a chain on the laundry room door so the cats can get in but Gabby can't. In the meantime, the cats are just shimmying under the door, which sits about 8" above the grade, thanks to the basement floor's wacky topography.
The project room closet is painted and organized. Plus it has a pegboard back, which fills me with organizational glee. 
I've begun work on the kitchen. The backsplash has been broken for about a year and a half, ever since I had an electrician install some new outlets in it. The kitchen floor is a disaster; I painted the old linoleum as a temporary measure several years ago, but I hadn't gotten around to redoing it. And the kitchen was the first room I painted when I moved in ten years ago, so it definitely needs attention.
So far, I've ordered linoleum flooring–the real stuff, made of linseed oil. It's a click product that floats above the existing floor, and I'm planning to install it myself. Stay tuned for hilarity.
I've done about half the demo on the backsplash. But I need to cut out the original lath so I can install concrete board. Until I can get my hands on some of Mr. Dan's tools, I'm putting the backsplash demo on hold.
So yesterday I go the first coat of the wall color up, and today is the second. I also need to refresh the white enamel on the cabinets and the base boards. Fun, no? Plus I tried about three different yellows and gave up, so the kitchen is now the same green as before, but a shade lighter. (Laura Ashley Apple 3, instead of Apple 4.)
And naturally, the rest of the house is a complete mess. All the stuff that was in the kitchen is now in the dining room,  so a few of the things that were in the dining room are now elsewhere. 
Including the dining room window seat, which is now stacked on top of the window seat in the project room. At left, Miss Kitty and Ace enjoy the new cat bunkbeds.

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