Winter To-Do List Update

Mr. Dan, Mr. Roy, and my mom came over on Wednesday to help me tackle more items on the to-do list. Thanks to Mr. Dan and Mr. Roy (the team that brought you the Chicken Palace), we now have a door on the laundry room. Gabs knocked the last one down a few years ago; it was about as sturdy as your average piece of cardboard. Problem is, we keep the litter boxes in the laundry room, and Gabs loooves her some kitty krunchies. We've had a baby gate up to keep her out. Unfortunately, Gabs has learned that by heaving all her weight at it, the baby gate will crash to the floor, presenting her a clear path to the krunchies.

Mr. Dan's coming back to put the door knob in, and I need to put a chain on it so the cats can get in but Gabby can't. Once that's done, the litter boxes will once again be safe.
Mr. Dan and Mr. Roy also attempted to put a door in the furnace room, which presented some unexpected challenges. They're going to come back and finish that job later. I can't tell you how great it will be to be able to close off those rooms.
Meanwhile, my mother, the cleaning machine, helped my tidy up. We got a coat of paint on the bathroom window, cleaned out the bathroom and linen closets, dusted and vacuumed, and generally made the house fit for habitation. Of course, I wrecked some of our hard work by immediately starting on the project room closet. I've pulled everything out, and it's currently sitting on the project room floor, interspersed with the cats' dishes.
Thing is, my house was built in the 1930s with wonderful plaster walls. But at the time the house was built, no one wanted to look at bumpy plaster walls, so they papered every room and closet in the house with a heavy, burlap-type wall paper, which they then painted or papered over. Some of it was already down by the time I moved in ten (ten!) years ago, but I've personally pulled it out of the bathroom, the pantry, my bedroom closet, the linen closet, and now the project room closet. It comes down easily, but all the paint that flakes off it makes a hell of a mess. So the project room is a much bigger disaster than before my mom's valiant cleaning efforts. 
Not to worry, though. Once I wash it down, paint it (with several shades of leftover yellow trials mixed together; I refuse to buy paint for closets), and put a couple of coats of white paint on the shelves, I'll have a gorgeous, bright closet with more space for storing my sewing stuff, art supplies, and sundry doo-dads.
Updates as they occur.

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2 thoughts on “Winter To-Do List Update

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