Good Shoes

I used to think that it was nuts to spend money on good shoes. I mean, Target has lots of cute shoes, right? And I'd pretty much kick them off at every opportunity anyway, even at the office. So mostly I wanted cute shoes that were fairly comfortable and not too expensive.

Then I started working with the Spotts crew. Turns out, when you're on your feet for most of the day in everything from 95 degree heat to 25 degree cold, good footwear is essential. Amy and Terry introduced me to the wonder of Keen shoes and SmartWool socks. I'm never going back. 
I wore my last pair of Keens daily for a year and a half, literally until I broke down the arches and the soles started wearing through. I am slowly replacing all my my socks with SmartWool socks, a magnificent product made for hikers and other outdoor-type people. They are mostly wool, incredibly cushy, and great for keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. If I could just find ones that sat a little lower on my ankle (so as to avoid the fabulous sock tan line I sport most of the year), they'd be perfect.
And the good news is that when you have pygmy feet, there are bargains to be found. I wear a size six in womens, which is the same as a size four kids. So while eights, nines, and tens tend to sell out, retailers almost always have leftovers in tiny sizes. I just bought a new pair of Keen work shoes at Sierra Trading Post for about 60% of their original price and a pair of Keen snow boots, also at a hefty discount. Both are incredibly comfortable and actually good looking. And–bonus–my little feet mean I can wear the kids size in SmartWool, which are roughly two-thirds the price of the adult sizes. 
So what if I have to have all my pants hemmed? So what if I have to buy petite clothes so the waist doesn't sit at my hips? This short girl rules the shoe sale! I have marched to retail victory on teeny, tiny feet!

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  1. Amusing state of affairs

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