Big happenings at the Fraudulent Farmstead

Ginny, Gabby, and Ace are all moved in. Gin's still getting the basement studio arranged to her liking. Gabby is a little creakier than when she last lived here, but she's still getting up and down the stairs no problem. Ace thinks he's gone to cat heaven–windows! With ledges and seats in front of them! Birds and squirrels to watch! And–what's this?–wet cat food? Good lord, it's like kitty paradise.

Except for Kitty, who treats Ace much as a cranky seventy-year-old lady would treat that doofy thirteen-year-old kid who keeps cutting across the lawn. Or in Kitty's case, trying to lounge on her bed. 
The bathroom walls are up, and the first two coast of drywall mud are on. The shower's installed and the electrical roughed in. I'm hoping to get some paint on the walls next weekend, then focus on installing the flooring so Mike can do the sink and toilet. Then Ginny will have a fully functional bath of her own. In the meantime, we're tracking a lot of drywall dust around, but otherwise the mess has stayed pretty confined.
Thanks to the run of unseasonably gorgeous weather, I got quite a bit of spring cleanup done the last few days:
Pruned the lavender.
Pruned the roses.
Cut back the Annabelle hydrangea, caryopeteris, and butterfly bush.
Limbed up the maple tree in the parking strip so people can walk under it without clocking themselves. 
Turned the Biostack composter, uncovering a live, small, grey mouse in the process.
Took an  old can of spray paint and marked out the new front yard potager beds and planting locations for apple and cherry trees.
Started yet another new garden journal with the hope that I'll actually keep up with this one.
Saw my first crocus today! None here at the Fraudulent Farmstead yet, but my neighbor's rock wall was sporting a cluster of bright yellow ones. We do have lots of daffodil and tulip foliage, though, so I'm hoping for blooms soon, even though the temps are supposed to drop again this week.
We always celebrate Gabby's birthday on the Ides of March, but Dan's traveling next week. So we moved it up a week, invited my parents and their friends Roy and Sherri, and combined Gab's b-day with chicken coop brainstorming. With Dan and Roy on the case, this will probably be a seriously engineered structure, and will likely cost more than I want it to (I want it to cost $50, so I KNOW it will cost more than I want it to). I have taken to haunting freecycle and craigslist in hope of scoring some free materials to recycle for the chicken palace.
AND I start with Spotts tomorrow, and this is dress rehearsal week at Civic for West SIde Story. So probably I'll collapse into a heap by Friday. Stay tuned! 

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