Name That Chicken!

It's a bit early for it, but I'm officially opening up the line for naming suggestions. All three (or possibly four) of my chickens will be hens, because:

1.  I'm in this for the eggs, with chicken manure as a side benefit. I'm not planning to start some kind of breeding program, so no rooster.
2. Roosters can be very aggressive, which is great when they're protecting the hens, but not so good when they're coming after you.
3. It's a lie that roosters crow at dawn. They crow all the damn time. To avoid potential problems with my neighbors (who are, in the main, lovely and tolerant people), there will be no rooster.
My point here is that the Fraudulent Farmstead will only be sporting hens. I'm partial to very old-fashioned and matronly names for them, so feel free to send in your suggestions in the comments. Once the girls arrive, I'll post pictures, so we can make sure each lady gets the perfect name.
My mother has already suggested Edna, and Amy F weighed in with Hildegard. Come on, people, get out the name books!

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4 thoughts on “Name That Chicken!

  1. I'm happy to go first. Here are my suggestions on stoic, bent-rail-rocker worthy name contenders:AgnesBerniceBerthaBuelahBrunildaEdnaDoloresEarlineEllen (for a particularly off-her-nut sort of hen)EnidErmaEthelEuniceGertrudeHarrietHesterHildaIrma LurlineMildredMyrtleOpalPearlineShirleneVelmaVernaVerniceVeva (my awesome grandma's name)WilmaNow, should you want to go a more feisty, guys and dolls route (my preference lie more in this second group):BessBirdieDellaDixieDollyEffieElsieEttaFaeFannyFlossieGertieGilda (which was on the list for my son, clearly we didn't choose it)HattieLarueLettieLizaLolaLulaMabelMadgeMaeMazieMillieMinnieMoxyNellPearlieRaeRildaRoxieRuthieStella (also on our name list)TillieTrixie

  2. Um, hello, CLEARLY one of them has to be Margaret.

  3. CLEARLY, provided we find the right hen for a Margaret. CAS–Thanks for the extremely detailed list. I think I kind of like the –ines: Shirlene, Earlene, Carlene, Sharlene: almost like Designing Women, don't you think?

  4. I realize I'm way late here, since the chickens are almost here, but I had to weigh in. R's mom has 4 cousins known as the "Lenes" – Marlene, Charlene, Darlene, and… um, the fourth one. 'Course, since they're all in New Orleans, it's Maw-lene, Chaw-lene, Daw-lene, and the fourth one. I think they'd make fabulous chickens. And I love those lists above, but I don't see Lucille on there…

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