Gardening with Cats, part 3 (or, I swear this is the last one)

My apologies to my boss at Spotts, who begged me not to do any more cat entries. But I have an update about Elsa, our gardening kitten:

Elsa has found a home with a local Irvingtonian. Sources report she's round and happy, and she'd love to have you come by. My pal Amy F had Elsa before she went to her new home about a month ago. She, like I, was happy to be rid of kitten poop litter boxes and kitten stomping near-misses (Elsa likes to be right where you are, by which I mean occupying as close to the same space as is physically possible), but kind of missed the little runt. 
Her kids missed Elsa before she even left: They hid the kitten and claimed they couldn't find her. Amy lost Mother of the Year by insisting that Elsa head to her new home. But she lives in the hood, so Amy's kids can see her, and we're getting regular updates.
In other news, my sister is traveling, so I have her dog and cat living here with me for two weeks. And of course, Miss Kitty is suffering through it with minimal trauma, although the glaring and shedding has picked up. Ace, the cat, spends most of his time under the couch in the basement, although he is willing to come out if a.) the dog is not in the room and b.) I lie with my cheek on the floor and call to him. Once he makes an appearance, he's incredibly affectionate. As a result, my cat hair quotient has gone up dramatically. The BF will tell you he didn't think that was possible, but there it is.
Big Lou is fattening up for the winter, so he's spending less time prowling the garden and more time napping on the porch. He looks like he's about to ooze out of the cat bed I keep on one of the porch chairs to try to contain the cat hair (a completely futile strategy, but Lou seems to like the bed). 
My sister's dog, Gabby, is a very bright mutt who is not nearly as keen on watching me garden as Lou is. In fact, when I take her into the garden with me, she usually runs around a bit, sniffs through the fence at the neighbor dog, poops, and then stands on the steps until I let her back in. 
So for the next couple of weeks, I'm running a menagerie and the garden is full of more hazards than usual.

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