Countdown to Garden Tour

It's one more day ("One daaaaaay mooooooorrree!"–sorry, too much musical theatre at a tender age) until the Irvington garden tour. You may have been wondering why I haven't been blogging. Well, I'll tell you.

I was working. I was, in fact, working like a borrowed mule. Sometimes with Spotts, sometimes at the store, and often in my own garden, attempting to get it ready. The good news is it was in pretty good shape for the party last weekend, so this week has been a bit less frantic. Still, I have quite a bit left to do:
  • Finish weeding and deadheading the front yard borders.
  • Prune the front yard lilacs. I finished the viburnum in that border already.
  • Set new stones in berry bed.
  • Finish spreading the yard of mulch currently in a great hulking pile in my back yard.
  • Finish my totally cool garden map. I've dusted off my long-forgotten Illustrator skills to make a map/program. It's not done yet, but you can rest assured that it will rock. I'll post a PDF of it when I'm done.
  • Make with the general tidying up and whatnot.
As I have only tomorrow from about 4:00 on and Sunday morning, I'm grateful I managed to get the lawn mowed before the thunderstorm that is currently rampaging about my house. Many, many props to Amy F, who devoted an evening to weeding with me; the woman can clear a border faster than you can believe. 
Will I make the deadline? Who knows? Either way, the garden is looking pretty good. Once the tour is over, maybe I'll be able to kick back on my (newly painted) garden bench with a cold beverage and watch the butterflies. 

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