Updated to-do list

With the Midsummer party fast approaching and the garden tour hot on its heels, I'm starting to feel some pressure to complete garden tasks. I'm not too worried, though, as the BF spent a goodly portion of Sunday helping me in the garden (he mowed the lawn and cleaned the gutters, which were starting to sprout maple seedlings) as well as completing work on my most excellent potting bench (see previous post). Terry and Amy from Spotts have both offered to help with weeding, etc., and both my sister and CAS are on-tap for day of hostessing duties with me. So it's under control. It just doesn't look like it when I examine The List.

  1. Finish planting berry bed.  
  2. Mulch the berry bed and add some stepping stones.
  3. Cut back the honeysuckle bush before planting in shade border.
  4. Plant the ninbebark shrub in the shade bed . 
  5. Plant a coleus container. 
  6. Plant window boxes and pots. The windowboxes are seriously waterlogged thanks to recent heavy rains. I'm hoping with a severe cutback I can salvage most of the plants.
  7. Figure out a shrub to replace nest spruce in front yard. Found a deutzia 'Nikko'. Planted it on Sunday.
  8. Finish painting potting bench and place it. It is, as earlier reported, fabulous.
  9.  Clean and repair garden bench. 
  10. Paint garden bench the same turquoise color as my potting bench. Primer and one coat done, one still to go.
  11. Level out holes where potting bench will go, move it into place, and clean up work area. This is mostly done, but the BF and I agree I could use some pavers under the spigot to control mud issues.
  12. Label plants.
  13. Add planting markers to raised vegetable beds. I thought I had finished this one, but the yardsticks I used for this purpose last year look terrible, so I need to replace them with the same kind of wood I used on the other square bed. On the upside, I made a very cute 4' tall bean trellis out of the conduit lengths left over from making trellises.
  14. Plant summer seed vegetables. 
  15. Plant annuals.
  16. Plant annual herbs
  17. Replace pavers in front of grill 
  18. Weed and deadhead. A lot.
  19. Mulch. Also a lot.
  20. Mow.
  21. Prune the lilacs and viburnum in the front yard.
  22. Finish digging up half of remaining hell strip. Plant. I transplanted some very pretty fern-leaf peonies from the BF's farm to that strip and added some divisions of Siberian iris and geranium. But I need to strip some more sod out. I still have strawberry plants awaiting planting, so they may also go in that bed.
  23. Create map/shameless self-promotion piece for the garden tour.
  24. Stock up on drinks and snacks for my cohostesses and garden volunteers.  
The astute reader will notice that new items have been added to The List, even as old ones are crossed off. So there's still lots to do, but I (and team Farmgirl) are making big strides. Updates as they occur.

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