The Potting Bench (or, why my boyfriend is better than your boyfriend)

I have mentioned several times the potting bench the BF was constructing from an old workbench located in my basement. It sat in the furnace room for all of my eight years in this house, a useless brown hulk taking up space. But when I mentioned it to the BF, he told me thought he could make me a potting bench from it.

I was thrilled, of course, especially since I know what potting benches cost. I came home one day to find he had maneuvered it (all 100 pounds of it, at a conservative estimate) up the basement stairs and into his truck to take it home and work on it. When I got my first look at the re-imagined bench, I literally jumped up and down and clapped my hands. Now, after some primer and two coats of outdoor paint, I present to you my potting bench, destined to be the talk of the 2008 Irvington garden tour.
The original bench had just the tabletop level and an upright back, but no shelf. I'm not sure what the back was for, unless maybe to keep tools from sliding off of the bench. (At one point my house belonged to the handyman from hell, so I'm sure he could use all the help he could get. True story–when I had someone come out to give an estimate on replacing the garage door, he told me that in 30 years it was the most badly botched do-it-yourself job he'd ever seen.) The BF scavenged some wood to create the lower shelf (currently holding the watering cans), two uprights for the sides, and a narrow shelf to run across the top. Then he made some even more impressive changes.
You may recall I had mused about installing a potting sink on one end of the bench. The BF had an even better idea. First he built the counter out a bit so he could install a drawer with no bottom that holds a feed bowl (from–where else?–the Rural King). That drawer is on slides that can take up to 100 pounds, so it's perfect for holding soil or water, with the bonus feature that's it's easy to lift out and dump.
Then–and this is true genius–he mounted a swiveling arm on the right side of the bench. I hook a hose from the spigot to the lower end of the arm, and it feeds directly into a short hose that ends in a very fancy nine-setting nozzle. And the arm pivots, people! The BF says he got the idea from the dishwashing set up in the restaurant he worked in in college. I say, thank god for crappy part-time jobs if they result in this kind of problem solving.

And just because he knows me so well, the BF topped off my magnificent bench with a personalized drawer pull. See left. I'm going to call him Fred.
And now, of course, you wonder where you can get such a fabulous, personalized creation. You wonder if perhaps your significant other could build such a monument not only to your garden but also your relationship. You wonder if perhaps the BF might be looking for a new girlfriend. And I say, go find your own, sister. This one is mine, and I'm not sharing. 

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