Revised to-do list…

So remember how a few posts ago, I had a list of ten things I figured I should get done in the garden before the garden tour? Ten things, couldn't take too long, right? Yeah, not so much.
Here's the revised list, including the stuff that's already done:
  1. Finish planting berry bed.  
  2. Mulch the berry bed. 
  3. Cut back the honeysuckle bush before planting in shade border.
  4. Plant the ninbebark shrub in the shade bed . Went with the ninebark instead of the hydrangea, 'cause it has cool purple leaves. Also planted a 'Chocolate Ruffles' huchera to echo the purple color.
  5. Plant a coleus container. It's purple and chartreuse, and it looks quite nice with the ninebark.
  6. Plant window boxes and pots. White geraniums (as part of my ongoing effort to reduce the Japanese beetle population), dark pink verbena, and purple salvia. 
  7. Figure out a shrub to replace nest spruce in front yard. The wholesale nursery (and that is a whole 'nother post) was out of deutzia. Still researching.
  8. Finish painting potting bench (which is so completely fabulous that when I finish painting it I will post a long entry on it, and you will wail and gnash your teeth about how excellent this potting bench is and what a genius the BF is and how can you get one and I will laugh evilly and say you can't have the bench or the BF, they are all mine and I'm not sharing. Just so you know.)
  9.  Clean and repair garden bench. 
  10. Paint garden bench the same turquoise color as my potting bench. 
  11. Level out holes where potting bench will go, move it into place, and clean up work area.
  12. Label plants.
  13. Add planting markers to raised vegetable beds (these sticks divide the planting beds into square-foot sections to guide planting).
  14. Plant summer seed vegetables. 
  15. Plant annuals.
  16. Plant annual herbs. 
  17. Replace pavers in front of grill so all three are the same and not a motley assortment of whatever happened to be lying around in the garage. 
  18. Weed and deadhead. A lot.
  19. Mulch. Also a lot.
  20. Mow.
So yeah, few things to do. The good news is that the bench is drying out and ready for its primer coat, the potting bench just needs one more coat, and Terry and Amy offered to come by and help me get ready. I'm thinking weeding party; I'll provided the pizza and beer.

Oh, and did I mention I'd like to get all this done by my Midsummer party on June 21? Sure, the garden tour's not until Sunday the 29th, but if it's done in time for the party, even more people will exclaim over how beautiful it is and how brilliant I am and you can never have enough of that, am I right? Updates as they occur.

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