Garden Tour!

My garden is going to be on the Irvington Garden Tour. It's on Sunday, June 29 from noon to 5:00.  I'm very flattered to be asked. Also, I've found that nothing motivates me to get projects done like the prospect of having people over. Given that these people will be paying for the privilege of stomping around my yard, I expect I'll be even more motivated than usual.

Thus, a list of tasks to complete before the tour. It's just about a month away, so I think these are doable:
  1. Finish planting the berry bed in the front yard as soon as additional blueberry bushes arrive.
  2. Replace nest spruce next to front door. It's the second one to die in that spot. Find something else, maybe a cotoneaster?
  3. Plant windowboxes and containers.
  4. Add a shrub to the shade border in the back. Terry suggested Hydrangea panniculata tardiva. See if I can find it.
  5. Help the BF finish and transport my big-ass reconditioned potting bench. Place in hosta alley.
  6. Clean up the work area in hosta alley (mostly a matter of putting the bench in place and untangling hoses).
  7. Screw down the popped-up slat in the garden bench. Maybe paint the garden bench, if there's time.
  8. Label plants.
  9. Do a thorough weed, deadhead, and mulch.
  10. And of course, mow.
It looks like a lot on paper (on screen?), but I've finally learned that the key is to work a bit each day instead of trying to get projects done in a marathon session. I don't have the stamina (or the chunks of free time) to devote full days to the garden. 
Check back for progress updates!

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