Magic Box

It's 11 degrees outside, with a nasty wind whipping through the trees. I've mostly recovered from my cold, worked a few hours, and am feeling restless. I ordered the APS system from Gardener's Supply, as I'm going to try starting from seed indoors for the first time this year. I installed a shop light in the kitchen and everything. (It actually looks much nicer than it sounds. Frankly, I'm getting way more use out of my indoor potting shed than I ever did when it was a breakfast nook.)

If the seed starting experiment is a success this year, I should have enough seedlings for the potager and the farm garden, as well as some for CAS. She's planning to construct grow boxes on her driveway. Or maybe she's planning for us to construct grow boxes on her driveway. Either way, I'm hopeful I'll be able to pass on tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. 

Seems like a good time to go through my magic box o' seeds. I'm partial to organic seeds and packages with pretty hand-drawn illustrations. I do have some leftover Burpee seeds, though, so I'll plant those out this year and see how they do. 

Bush Blue Lake Bean
Scarlet Runner Bean
Kaleidoscope Carrot Mix
Heatwave Blend Lettuce Mix
Super Sugar Snap Pea
Mesclun Sweet Salad Mix
Big Tasty Hybrid Watermelon
Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon

Ferry Morse 
(Picked these up at Lowes last year in a fit of optimism. I mean, it's not like the potager has room for corn. But by golly, the farm garden does!)
Morning Star Hybrid Sweet Corn

Renee's Garden 
(Gorgeous packets! Plus the seeds in mixes are color coded so you know exactly what you're planting. I think her seeds are particularly nice for the small-scale potager gardener.)
Romeo Round Baby Carrots
Babette French Baby Carrots
Heirloom Cutting Mix Baby Leaf Lettuce
Crimson Crunch Round Red Radish
Catalina Baby Leaf Spinach

And new this year to the potager!
Little Prince Container Eggplant
Jewel-Toned Bell Peppers
  • Vidi (red)
  • Admiral (yellow)
  • Valencia (orange)
Summer Feast Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Black Krim
  • Sweet Persimmon
  • Costoluto 

Tricolor Patty Pan Squash Summer Scallop Trio

  • Sunburst 
  • Starship
  • Peter Pan
Plus about six varieties of nasturtiums and some marigolds for the potager. I also picked up Renee's Perfume Delight Sweet Pea mix and Purple Flowering Hyacinth Bean for elsewhere in the garden. I cannot WAIT for spring.

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